US Tax Form 6166 certifies that the person or entity claiming treaty benefits are residents of the United States mainly for purposes of the income tax laws. It is also referred to as an Application for US Residency Certificate.

Use form 6166 to claim income tax treaty benefits and certain other tax benefits in foreign countries. The certificate is printed on US Department of Treasury stationery and can be apostilled or used for embassy legalization.


What is Form 6166 Used For


Here are 2 common purposes for the use of the Certification of US Tax Residency:

  • Proof of US tax residency to obtain a Value Added Tax (VAT) imposed by a foreign country.
  • A person or company seeking to substantiate their US tax residence to obtain Indonesian benefits under US/Indonesia income tax treaty.

But these are only two examples; you may need a Form 6166 for various other reasons.


How to Obtain an Apostille or Embassy Legalization


Since the form is used for US tax purposes, this is a federal document and must follow the correct apostille or embassy legalization process.

Depending on the country that needs this document, you must determine if you need to apply for an apostille or embassy legalization. This depends on if the destination country is a member of the Hague Convention of 1961 or not.

You must first have the original Form 6166 on US Department of Treasury stationery or a certified copy from the US Department of Treasury. After this, you will either submit your application to the US Department of State in Washington DC (if you need an apostille) or submit the application to the embassy of the needed country.

When submitting the application yourself, you must know the rules and requirements for each place. Which department will accept your apostille application, and what days are the embassy closed for the holiday?

Or – you can simply work with One Source Process.


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