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Big Data with a Human Touch

Skip-tracing services involve using a variety of information resources to locate people who don’t want to be found, or to find people who have a stake or a role in a legal proceeding such as a lawsuit or an estate settlement. Clients use skip tracing to find current addresses, telephone numbers, identification numbers, workplaces and more.


When you need a skip-tracing company, trust One Source Process for fast, reliable, thorough service. Our Data + Human skip-trace approach yields the highest probability of a hit combined with the professional diligence of a dedicated skip-trace specialist. Find a service address in minutes. You provide the initial information and we’ll do the rest.

  • No hit, no fee*. If our search efforts do not trigger a result, you don’t pay for our skip-trace services.
  • Comprehensive database of over 100 million US addresses. With access to a vast amount of information, our online skip-tracing services are more likely to generate results.
  • Real human skip-trace specialists for maximum degree of due diligence. Each skip trace effort is assigned to a dedicated human skip-trace specialist trained to use the electronic databases to improve the chances of success.
  • Any and all civil litigation needs welcome. We can help locate potential defendants, witnesses, estate heirs and others with an interest in civil litigation.
  • Proof of current or impending civil litigation required to initiate search. Our investigators verify clients’ legal needs to run skip-trace searches.


*A hit constitutes a skip trace that triggers a result. A hit does not guarantee that the information produced will be new or previously unknown. If a skip trace is run, does not provide previously unknown information, but still registers a result, no refund will be issued.


Looking for the Best Skip-Trace Service? Choose One Source Process

One Source Process is recognized as a legal services industry leader, serving all US states and territories. More than a skip-tracing agency, we also offer apostille services, embassy legalizations, process service, visa services, document retrievals and much more.

To get started with our skip-tracing services or any of the other services we offer, complete an order form or contact One Source Process for more information today.

Skip-Tracing Fees

  • Our skip-tracing services are for process serving purposes ONLY
Fees Details

Base Skip Trace

Best for pre verifying an address before attempting, saving you money
Includes last known address


Advanced Skip Trace

Most cost efficient option for locating an individual
Base Skip +
Social Security Numbers, Address history, Phone numbers


Comprehensive Skip Trace

Best for locating the hardest to find individuals
Advanced Skip +
Social media scan, Assets, Property ownership history
Vehicle ownership history, Likely known relatives & associates
Court records, Criminal history
Vehicle locator +$55
(Will show history of driving locations via police, parking violation, and freeway auto license plate scanning cameras)

We offer the lowest base rate pricing available on all of our services. However, if your company has an average of 50+ job requests for any one of our services a month please contact our office toll free 800-668-5448 or email to inquire about special volume pricing.

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