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  • Able To Facilitate Your Document Retrieval Request The Same Day
  • Available For After Hours Pick-Up/Drop-Off
  • Stay Up-To-Date With Live Updates Regarding The Status Of Your Retrieval Via Email

Document Retrieval Fees

  • Client is responsible for notifying our office of any fees associated with the court retrieval process
$65Per visit
$25Additional per same day rush retrieval (must be submitted before 12pm)
$50Additional per rush service retrieval within 3 hours
$75Additional per rush service retrieval within the hour
We offer the lowest base rate pricing available on all of our services. However, if your company has an average of 50+ job requests for any one of our services a month please contact our office toll free 800-668-5448 or email info@onesourceprocess.com to inquire about special volume pricing.