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Can you Apostille One Document for Two Different Countries

We are sometimes asked: "I'm heading to two different countries; can I use one apostille for both countries?" Unfortunately, the...
May 20, 2022
One Source Process

Apostille Certificate of Free Sale

A Certificate for Sale (or sometimes called a Certificate for Export, or Certificate to Foreign Governments) is a business document...
Apr 11, 2022
one source process apostille business letter

Apostille Business Letter Invitation

A business letter invitation is a formally written letter to a client, customer, or business partner to the sender’s country....
Apr 4, 2022
one source process

Apostille Consular Report of Birth Abroad

Even if a child is born outside of the United States, they can still be a U.S. citizen; and proof...
Mar 25, 2022
apostille pet travel documents

Apostille Pet Travel Documents

Taking your pet with you on a visit to another country (even a short visit) entails quite a bit of...
Mar 14, 2022
Chinese visa

6 Common Types of Chinese Visas

China is one of the most awe-inspiring countries you can visit. When traveling there, you will need to obtain a...
Mar 9, 2022

Apostille Certificate of Naturalization

We have obtained apostilles for just about every document a foreign country may need, and just one example is a...
Feb 7, 2022
apostille name change

Apostille Name Change

There are many reasons why a person may petition for a name change; whether it’s to restore a former name,...
Jan 31, 2022
one source process

Legalize Documents for Travel to Cuba

You’re sitting on the seawall of the Malecon, enjoying a cigar while watching a 1957 Cadillac convertible drive past. Yep,...
Dec 29, 2021
one source process

Apostille USDA/FDA Certificates

The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) monitor the export of many products from...
Dec 17, 2021
one source process

Apostille Your W2

Did you see that fantastic little house for sale on the beaches of Costa Rica? Now that you are working...
Dec 10, 2021
one source process

Apostille Documents for a Golden Visa

When looking for investment options, many people look overseas. A person can obtain a golden visa by making a significant...
Dec 6, 2021
one source process

Apostille Immigration Certificate

Naturalization is the process of a person born outside of the United States but becomes a citizen of the US....
Nov 18, 2021
one source process

5 Steps to Apostille or Embassy Legalization

Congratulations! You’re heading overseas for a new job, a marriage, a business meeting or merger, adopting a child, purchasing land...
Oct 18, 2021
one source process

Apostille US Federal Court Documents

When traveling abroad, the foreign country may ask that you produce specific federal documents, and they will want those documents...
Oct 5, 2021

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