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apostille a driver's license

Apostille a Driver’s License

If you are planning on driving while you are in another country, you will most certainly need to bring your driver’s license. And in some countries, you may need an apostille for your license. But don’t worry, it’s not as hard as it may sound. There are several steps to be able to apostille a driver’s license.

Apostille or Embassy Legalization?

Depending on your destination country, you will need an apostille or embassy legalization for your driver’s license. The Hague Convention of 1961 established the apostille as a uniform way for countries to recognize the authenticity of a document. If you are traveling to a country that does not accept apostilles, your papers must receive embassy legalization.

Check here to find out if your country will accept an apostille or require embassy legalization.

Or, an easier way is to let One Source Process obtain authentication for your driver’s license. We can do it for you, whether it’s an apostille or embassy legalization,

Steps to Apostille a Driver’s License

You must take several steps before you can authenticate your driver’s license. These steps are required for an apostille and legalization.

  1. Make a color copy of the front and back of your driver’s license
  2. Find a notary in the state in which the driver’s license is issued
  3. In front of a notary, write the statement: “I certify this is a true copy of my driver’s license.”
  4. In front of a notary, sign and print your name
  5. Have the copy notarized with the correct notary wording

Once that is done, you must work with the Secretary of State to obtain the apostille. Or you will contact the Embassy for legalization.

Or, as mentioned above, you can let One Source Process do the work for you.

Working with One Source Process

We have worked with just about every country to obtain apostilles and embassy legalization, and we can do the same for you. We know the precise steps each country requires and can quickly apostille a driver’s license.

We will work with the correct Secretary of State for the apostille or Embassy for legalization.

Plus… we offer certified translation. Many countries require the document (your attest statement for the validity of your driver’s license) and the apostille or legalization to be translated into their official language. This is one less step for you to worry about.

You may need to apostille several documents. Common documents that require an apostille are:

Apostille Birth Certificate

Apostille Passports

Apostille Abstract Driving Record

Once you have the notarized color copy of your driver’s license, fill out the Order Form here. We will review all documentation for FREE and let you know of any discrepancies or missing information. When it’s ready, we will send you an invoice for the amount due and a timeline for completion.

It’s that easy to work with us.

We are available 7 days a week. Contact Us here if you have any questions.

Feb 15, 2023 / by Brandon Yoshimura


  1. Philip Himberg
    October 5, 2023 at 11:37 am

    I need my active New York State Drivers License “apostilled” for Portugal where I am now a Legal Resident. D-7 Visa. I have the Residency Card. I am coming to New York for a visit Oct. 20-Nov. 5, and would like to facilitate this Notary/Apostille Process which proves my Driving Record is clear I believe? Can you help with this? My Mobile Phone is +351 964 609 053 and my email is


    1. Danny
      October 5, 2023 at 12:10 pm

      Hello Philip,

      We can assist! To ensure that we can process your documents accurately and promptly, we kindly request that you upload a copy of them for review through our order form available at After submitting your request, one of our specialists will be assigned to review your documents and provide you with a quote and review results via email. If you choose to proceed with the service, the specialist will also send you a payment link to start the apostille process.

      Thank you,


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