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Obtaining a Chinese Student Visa

Studying abroad can be an eye-opening experience, and studying in a country that differs from ours in more ways than just language is something that can be life-changing. If you are lucky enough to be studying in China for even one semester, make the most of this experience.

Before the journey begins, you must have all paperwork in order. China requires all visiting students to obtain a Student Visa for the duration of your stay.

A Chinese visa is issued by the foreign Embassy or Consulate and allows you to travel to their country. In most cases, the visa is a stamp inside your passport; for this reason, your passport must have at least 3 empty pages (not including the last three) to be stamped.

The Chinese Embassy is located in Washington, D.C., and 5 other Consulates are located throughout the United States. You will submit your application to the correct Embassy or Consulate based upon your resident state. For example: if you live in Alaska, Northern California, Nevada, Oregon, or Washington State, you will then submit your application to the Chinese Consulate located in San Francisco. Click here for China embassy legalization.

Requirements for a Chinese Student Visa

There are requirements and procedures that must be followed when applying for a student visa to visit China, and having a mistake in just one area may cause your application to be rejected, and the process to start over.

Some of these requirements are:

  • You must present your original signed passport along with a copy of the identity page
  • Your passport must have at least 6 months remaining before expiration
  • All documents are to be attached with paperclips, never stapled
  • You must glue a glossy photo of yourself to the visa application
  • The entire application must be electronically completed without mistakes. Handwritten applications are not accepted
  • You must attach an original AND a copy of the admission letter from the Chinese school or institution

There are more requirements than the ones listed above, but you can see how easy it would be to make a mistake, which can be grounds for your visa application to be rejected. Visit our webpage here for more information.

Let One Source Process Submit Your Student Visa Application

It’s difficult enough to understand how to complete the intricate application process, but then the Chinese visa policies change regularly, so you must also know when this happens.

Do not let this process be something that holds you back. We know all required policies and procedures to quickly and efficiently obtain your Chinese Student Visa for you. We understand the rules, including dates the Embassy and Consulates may be closed for holidays.

Besides obtaining your Chinese visa, One Source Process can also Authenticate any documents you may need to take with you to your new school. You may need your school records or driver’s license Authenticated… why not do it all in one easy place?

Please Contact Us with any questions you may have regarding obtaining your Chinese Student Visa or Authenticating your documents. When you are ready, complete the Order Form here to begin the process and be on your way to China.

Jul 12, 2019 / by Brandon Yoshimura

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