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Your Document’s Embassy Legalization

Are you accepting a new job position in Egypt? Perhaps you are continuing your education in China. Maybe you’re getting married on the beach in Jamaica. Well, congratulations! We understand there is a lot to do before you depart, and we are here to help with some of it.

Many of your required documents will require embassy legalization – and this is where we step in.

What is Document Embassy Legalization?

The Hague Convention of 1961 established the apostille as an accepted way to verify the authenticity of a document to be used between countries. Not all countries are members and instead require the document to be legalized through their embassy or consulate.

This is not a huge problem, simply one more step in the process.

Steps of Document Embassy Legalization

The exact steps required vary depending on the document, but let’s look at the general overview and a couple of examples.

Step 1 – Obtain Document

Some document requires notarization or certification. You will need a certified copy of vital records, such as a birth certificate, marriage license, and death certificate. This can be done through the originating state or obtaining it through a reputable online company.

Other documents, such as court documents or a diploma, must first be notarized with the correct wording and stamps.

Step 2 – Certify on State Level

Documents will need to be sent to the Secretary of State from where the document was obtained. The Secretary of State will certify the document.

Step 3 – Authenticate on Federal Level

Federal documents, such as an FBI background check or US Passport, can skip the state level but must be authenticated by the US Department of State in Washington DC.

Step 4 – Embassy Legalization

Once the certified document is authenticated by the state and/or federal government, you will then send the original document and all attachments to the embassy or consulate of your destination country.

Example of Document Embassy Legalization

Let’s follow some examples from start to finish.

Example 1 – State Document

Let’s say you’re getting married overseas and need to submit your birth certificate for embassy legalization.

  • Step 1 – Obtain a certified birth certificate – you can do this through the county you were born or from a reputable online vital document company.
  • Step 2 – Send the certified birth certificate to the Secretary of State from where the document was obtained.
  • Step 3 – Send to the US Department of State in Washington, DC. for authentication.
  • Step 4 – Submit all documents to the destination country’s embassy or consulate for legalization.

Example 2 – Federal Document

Perhaps you are going to work overseas, and your new employer requires an FBI Background Check.

  • Step 1 – Obtain FBI Background check – you can visit our blog here on how to do this.
  • Step 2 – Send to the US Department of State in Washington DC. for authentication.
  • Step 3 – Submit all documents to the destination country’s embassy or consulate for legalization

Or… there is an easier way.

Working with One Source Process

Once you have obtained the necessary documents – whether certified, notarized, or an original – then it’s time to call us.  We have worked with every state and just about every country, and we can successfully obtain your document embassy legalization.

Simply fill out the Order Form here and upload all documents. We will review your order for FREE, ensuring that nothing is missing. Once everything is correct, we will send you a price quote and timeline for completion.

It’s that easy!

Contact Us here. We are available 7 days a week to answer any questions.

Jun 14, 2021 / by Brandon Yoshimura

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