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apostille birth certificate Articles

Birth Certificate

Apostille Birth Certificate

What does getting married in another country and obtaining dual citizenship have in common? They both require that you apostille...
Sep 13, 2019

All About Apostilles

You’re traveling to another country and need your documentation apostilled. First, let’s answer a couple of your questions:   What...
Nov 30, 2020

7 Commonly Asked Apostille Questions

Gathering the proper paperwork to acquire an apostille can be confusing. Do you need copies or originals? Should you notarize...
Jun 11, 2021
NYC apostilles Require a Long form birth certificate | one source process

NYC Apostille Requires a Long-Form Birth Certificate

If you’re from New York City and need a copy of your birth certificate, be sure to state if you...
Sep 28, 2022

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