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Apostille / Legalization Job Request

Step 1: Country

Please fill out the order form and select your processing time. Our specialists will let you know if it is currently available.

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Please note: your issued one-page Apostille/Authentication certificate will need to be translated along with the rest of the document.

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Step 2: Documents

Apostille photocopies if

  • You’re in a rush and need a document apostilled within 24 hours or 1-3 days.
  • Your academic institution does not offer notarizations on certificates, diplomas, or transcripts.
  • You do not have the original document in your possession.
  • Original document is damaged.
  • You are not able to obtain a US notary because you are overseas.

In the case you have the original or certified copy of the document or if the document has already been notarized, please select the "Original/Certified Copy" option for service.

Photocopies of documents will receive a District of Columbia apostille. Please note that this method, while widely accepted in most cases, does have limitations depending on the authority you’re presenting it to and country of use. One Source Process will always advise our clients of these restrictions when we review your request, but does not guarantee that they will be accepted by the foreign entity.

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